After a long hiatus of Cell Wall Transport System puzzlemaking, I returned to this type of puzzle by mining an old puzzle for inspiration. In December 2002, I dug out the largest of the original Cell Wall Transport System puzzles (the one which wasn't very good, mentioned in the comments for Puzzle 1). At the very end of that puzzle, three compartments containing receptors were connected by symports, forcing the puzzle to finish with three loops around this structure. I really liked this idea, so I built both Puzzles 5 and 6 around it. (If you hadn't already noticed, this structure is in the middle of this puzzle, oriented horizontally.) There were several ways that this concept could be implemented, and I couldn’t decide which to use, so I picked two and made two different puzzles (this tends to happen – I'll find lots of different ways to do things to be equally interesting and then have trouble picking one). The key was deciding what to do after each "loop" through the central structure. Instead of just exiting to the same side each time (as was true in the old puzzle), you can now exit to either side. In addition, I put in fake passages to encourage people to exit to the wrong side.



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