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Logic puzzles generally give a set of clues that must be pieced together in order to find a solution. I’ve always liked the grid-based logic puzzles that are found in books and magazines, but when I decided to create my own, I wanted them to be unique (the same stipulation that I’ve used for all my puzzles). Many rely on a physical aspect for the basis of the clues: pieces to be arranged, the orientation of specific items, or the location of different things. Some are twists on the classics, like truth-tellers and liars. Regardless, you’ll use logical deduction to solve each of them.

The logic puzzles below are listed in chronological order of their publication in Imagine magazine. They are also grouped thematically if your prefer.

Someone has come along and rearranged your collection of rare coins. From the clues given, can you determine how many coins each compartment in your coin cabinet now holds?

Farmer Tim has misplaced his garden layouts for the past couple of years. It's important that he reconstructs them from the notes on the backs of a few seed packets, since he needs to rotate his crops.

Sixteen castaways are marooned on a tropical island, voting one member off at a time. The longer they stayed in the game, the more they lie. From their clues, can you determine the order they were voted off?

During the holiday shopping season, an overzealous gift wrapper has concealed your book purchase before you were able to pay. Can you determine the discounted prices without having to undo their handiwork?

You need to determine which movies go on which screens at the local movie theater, according to your manager's instructions. It's important to determine the appropriate layout, so you can sell the most tickets, maintain crowd control, and avoid a lot of unhappy patrons.

Someone accidentally dumped the marbles on the floor before the monthly totals from the tournament could be recorded. From what each of the four competitors remembers, can you reconstruct how many marbles each person should have at the end of today's match?

My turn-by-turn notes, taken while navigating a corn maze, have become completely disorganized. Given the layout of the maze, can you help reorder the notes to map out the path taken from start to finish?

Five people are flying between five different cities. With the clues given, the map of available Confondre Airlines flights, and the fact that no two people are in the same city at the same time, can you determine the order each person visited each city?

Your interview with six local authors at their weekly writers' roundtable is cut short. From what little they said, can you determine what each person writes and where they normally sit at their meetings?

There are only ten castaways left in the competition, and they've formed four secret alliances. From their lies concerning who they'll vote off next, and the actual tribal council vote, can you determine who is in which alliance and how they voted?

I found this puzzle in my files, but I can’t seem to find the instructions anywhere. With the shortest solution and some other incorrect solution attempts, can you help me figure out what the appropriate instructions for this puzzle should be?

You seriously misjudged the competition in your first battle robot competition. Given the expected outcomes of matchups based on the robots’ various capabilities, can you figure out a tournament seeding that would allow you to escape victorious (and in one piece)?

A group of your friends (each with expertise in carpentry, painting or gardening) helped renovate a local park. Given the hours required for each task and some details they remember about the order in which the tasks had to be accomplished, can you generate a timeline of each friend's volunteer work?