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Holiday Logic 1
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Logic puzzles on the website are so popular that I decided to bring back something I had done in the past. When I was a kid, I used to create a holiday-themed logic puzzle every year. Restarting a tradition, here are logic puzzles about the winter holidays.

Looking for the rest of the logic puzzles from Imagine magazine? They are listed both chronologically or thematically.

Santa needs your help! His reindeer are unhappy with their standard arrangement, so jolly old Saint Nick has turned to creating a proclamation in order to address their concerns. Can you help him reorder the reindeer? Hurry, this holiday logic problem won't be around long!

My mom has four Christmas trees to decorate, but she lost the piece of paper on which she wrote her plan to get it all done. From the details she remembers about each tree's ornament theme, order she planned to decorate, and lighting scheme, can you help her reconstruct the plan?