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You are in charge of assigning movies to appropriate screens at the local cineplex. A map of the layout of the theaters is shown at below. Based on the predicted attendance of films, the manager has left you with instructions concerning the locations and sizes of the theaters in which films should be shown.

As the map shows, the cineplex has six small theaters, four medium-sized theaters, one large theater, and one extra large theater. Theaters are considered adjacent if their numbers are consecutive. Thus, theaters 3 and 4 are considered adjacent (even though they are across the hall from each other), while theaters 6 and 9 are not considered adjacent (even though they share a wall).

Cineplex Diagram

Instructions for film placement:

  1. "Pride and Extreme Prejudice" should show on a larger screen than "Sir, Your Pants are on Fire", and "Red Digital Countdown to Explosion" should play between these other two action films.

  2. Because of running times, "Driving Dad Bonkers" (which should play on a smaller screen than the other family film, "Shaq and the Beanstalk") should not be shown on a screen adjacent to either "Race Against Genetically-Modified Crops" or "Twins Separated at Birth Never Meet".

  3. The food-related films "Bionic Chicken Surprise", which should play on a larger screen than "My Family and its Ethnic Cooking", should both show on screens near the concession area, but they should not be adjacent to one other.

  4. The documentaries "Twins Separated at Birth Never Meet" and "Mr. Hamburgler Goes to Washington" should play on medium-sized screens but should not be in adjacent theaters.

  5. "Terrible Big Snakes" should play between two other movies showing the result of humans tinkering with nature, "Race Against Genetically-Modified Crops" and "Hamlet vs. Mothra", which should show on the same size screens.