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christmas trees

My mom had planned how she was going to decorate her four Christmas trees: each tree’s ornament theme, the order she planned to decorate, and the lighting scheme. But she lost the slip of paper on which she wrote the plan. Can you help her reconstruct it from what she remembers?

Christmas Trees

  1. I want to finish the tree with the blue and white lights before the tree in the kitchen, but after the tree decorated with colored balls.

  2. The tree in the living room will have lights with mixed colors, but it won’t be the tree with glass ornaments.

  3. I won’t decorate the tree with icicles last. The tree with the colored balls won’t be in the entryway.

  4. The tree in the dining room will only have white lights.

  5. I want to finish the tree decorated with glass ornaments before the tree with red and white lights, but after the tree in the entryway.

This grid will be helpful to solve the puzzle (you can print a copy by downloading the PDF):

Holiday Logic Puzzle Two Grid (Empty)