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In the 3-D Wall Mazes, your goal is to go from the enter to the exit following the three dimensional corridors. The triangular, lettered "signs" indicate underground passageways at the end of each hallway. Find the matching letter to continue your journey.


3-D Wall Maze Example

The solution shows the above ground hallways used in connecting the start to the finish.

3-D Wall Maze Example Solution

3-D Wall Maze Example Solution Path

For each 3-D Wall Maze, the solution also includes a complete chart of the problem space, like this one for the above example. The solution path is marked by the solid black line. Dead ends are indicated with an infinity symbol.

3-D Wall Maze Example Problem Space

solving tips

Watch out for loops, dead ends, and underground paths that don't have a matching letter. Also keep in mind that, because of the underground paths, the physical space of this puzzle is very different than the problem space.