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which file type ?

The file type will definitely depend upon how you want to use the isometric graph paper. If you want to print it out, use the PDF files. If you want to use it in a graphic editing program, go with the GIF files (best for sharp lines with low file sizes) or the JPEG files (best if you are combining it with other JPEGs).

You should only use the other two if you know what you're doing. AI files can be used in Adobe products (Illustrator, Photoshop) or other vector imaging software. EPS files, which are self-contained PostScript documents, can also be used in vector imagine software, or can be incorporated into other PostScript documents.

pdf icon
Can be opened by many applications on many platforms, great for printing. Small file size.
gif icon
Excellent graphics file for representing simple images and straight lines. Small file size.
jpeg icon
Better for photos, use this when combining grids with other JPEG images. Medium file size.
ai icon
Vector-based file format, use with Adobe products. Fully editable. Medium file size.
eps icon
Encapsulated PostScript can be embedded into other PostScript files. Large file size.

Generally, GIF and PDF files will be the smallest, EPS files will be the biggest, with JPEG and AI files inbetween.