Congratulations on purchasing a ZONE Personal Time Travel Wand! This new fifth generation model can take any number of time travel circuit blocks, up to a maximum of ten. (A selection of blocks are included with your wand. More blocks can be purchased at finer toy stores everywhere.)

The ZONE PTTW 5 can alter time in four ways: either by speeding time up, slowing it down, jumping forward in time, or jumping back in time. Just insert the blocks in the proper order, push the ZONE button, and you’ll instantly be at a new time and/or time speed. When you're finished, push the ZONE button again, and you’ll be returned to your normal time.

Here are samples of each type of time travel circuit block:



It's important to insert the time travel circuit blocks in the correct order to achieve the desired result. For example:


With the blocks in this order, you'd jump forward 7 seconds and move at a rate 3 times normal speed...
...but with the blocks in this order, you'd jump forward 21 seconds and move at a rate 3 times normal speed. Remember that the effects of the time travel circuit blocks are cumulative, meaning that later (lower) blocks may enhance the effects of earlier (higher) blocks.


WARNING: For recreational purposes only. Causality can be altered, use with caution. Any serious changes to the timeline punishable by law. This device complies with Parts 15 of FCC regulations: (1) this device may not cause interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the device.



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