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the story

A long time ago, my mom found some triangular graph paper (also called isometric graph paper) at an office supply store. I immediately started making new types of mazes and puzzles using it. It opened up a whole new set of possibilities. As a kid, it pretty much blew my mind.

Once I started drawing puzzles using computerized tools, I needed to transfer those triangular grids to programs like Adobe Illustrator. Even though that program has been around since 1986, it still doesn't have isometric grids. Over the years, I have spent a lot of time perfecting the drawing of triangles and hexagons in that application. It's part science, but definitely part art as well.

Since isometric graph paper can be hard to find, I decided to make some and share it with anyone who wants it. Since posting the first set in 2006, more traffic has come to my site to download isometric graph paper than for any other reason. (So much for those puzzles that I carefully and intricately create using that graph paper!) Because of this, I now offer isometric graph paper in four page sizes, two orientations, five grid sizes, two colors, and five file formats.

Yes, they're completely free. Feel free to use it in drawing graphics for print or electronic distribution, personal or professional. All that I ask is that if you use it and you like it, just and tell me what you use it for. Please don't alter the files and/or redistribute them. If you want to share the graph paper with friends, just send them here!

technical details

The grids come in two colors, gray and sky blue.


Sky Blue:

Both blue and gray grids will photocopy on typical copy machines at regular settings.

All grids alligned for .5 pt. vertical lines, rastized .5 pt. +60°/-60° lines. Grid sizes are measured between parallel lines (height of triangle, not side of triangle). 2 pt. cropped edge.

Grid has .75 inch border on all sides. Text footer creates .5 inch border along bottom. Footer font: Futura medium 10 pt.

Illustrator version CS3 used to create grids. Illustrator files are PDF compatible. PDFs are version 1.7 (Acrobat v. 8), have been stripped of Illustrator editing ability, include embedded page thumbnails and are optimized for fast web view. EPSs includes font information, Postscript Level 2. JPEGs are saved at 100 quality, progressive (so files sizes are big). GIFs are saved with a 17 color palette, 88% dither.